The Rabbit Bulletin: DalbitPilsner

Yesterday I went to a bar that served a craft beer called Dalbit Pilsner.

This pilsner, made in the US exclusively for Korea, has (similar to Taiwanese Spring Vodka) also made its marketing correctly.
On the label you can see a rabbit wearing a space suit holding a beer. He is obviously traveling to the moon as depicted in the background. This is a nod to the moon rabbit that exist in certain folklores. I have written about this in previous posts.

The brewery behind this Rabbit pilsner is Lost Coast Brewery located in Eureka, California. The owner of the brewery is Barbara Groom, she is one of only a few prominent women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Before she became a brewery owner, Barbara was a pharmacist, I guess she swapped jobs with the astronaut rabbit who once he landed on the moon became the moon’s own pharmacist.

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