The Rabbit Bulletin: EasterBunny

Because today is Easter Day, let’s highlight one of the most beloved folklore figures of all time, the Easter Bunny.

The Easter bunny (or Easter Hare) is a figure that often travels with a basket of colored eggs to hand out to Children. The character is a major symbol for Easter, at least in Western countries, but where does the story of mythical rabbit come from?

The Easter Bunny was first popularized as a symbol of the season by the German Protestants. It is likely they were the ones to invent the myth of the Easter Bunny for their children. Even in earliest folklore, the Easter Bunny came as a judge, hiding decorated eggs for well-behaved children.

The story of the OsterHase (The Easter Bunny) followed German immigrants to the American colonies in the 18th century and the folklore spread across the United States.

Some say that the origins of the Easter Bunny comes from pagan traditions i.e. the Saxon Goddess Eostre, whilst other say it comes from the Christian notion that rabbits were associated with the Virgin Mary, and with the season itself.

In any case, Happy Easter everyone!

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