The Rabbit Bulletin: IceCreamBunny

In preparation for Christmas I recently saw a cult “funny bad” movie, called Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.
With an impressive! 1,3/10 score on IMDb, I was compelled to see how this rabbit was portrayed in this 1972 film.

The plot is about Santa getting stuck on the beach in Florida with his sleigh. For some reason Santa cannot leave his sleigh, and needs help from kids which he summons through telekinesis?? The kids try to pull out the sleigh with the help of several animals, but the only animal that succeeds is a white rabbit in a fire truck called the Ice Cream Rabbit. Not sure he is called the Ice Cream Rabbit though, he didn’t have any ice cream. Also, the rabbit didn’t show up until the last 5 min of the approx 90min fantasy musical.
You can see the whole train wreck for yourselves here:

Merry Christmas everyone!


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