The Rabbit Bulletin: Intrude

Here is a throwback to before the COVID pandemic. In October 2019, I went to an art installation that I had wanted to see for a long time. It was “Intrude” from @parerstudio It was part of the Nuit Blanche urban festival in Taipei.

The “Intrude” exhibition features gigantic inflatable rabbits that are lit up from within. This makes them quite striking when seeing them in the dusk/dark.

These large illuminated rabbits are the brainchildren of Amanda Parer, an Australian artist. According to her website ( she wanted to work with the symbolic contradictions of rabbits, as they look cute and innocent but they have, in real life, caused an imbalance in Australia’s delicate ecosystems since they were introduced by settlers in 1788. That’s why the name of the exhibition is called “Intrude”.

The environmental message is pointed to this passage from Amanda. She says that the reason the rabbits are so large is: “They are huge, the size referencing “the elephant in the room”, the problem, like our impact on the natural world, big and in plain sight, but still chosen to be ignored”

The exhibition has becomes very popular and has gone on road show all around the world.

Although the subject matter behind the rabbits is about a serious intrusion, I’m glad to say that the art work itself intrudes in a positive way; by intruding the souls and minds of people in an intriguing and creative manner.

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