The Rabbit Bulletin: LeLapinLucerne

Yesterday, when strolling the streets of Lucerne, I saw a logo that caught my attention. The logo was for the cosy restaurant Le Lapin. Dinner plans were quickly changed and a reservation at the rabbit-themed restaurant was made.

While having a nice rustic Swiss meal at The Lapin, the owner of the family run hotel-restaurant told me that the name came about as a play on words as the hotel is called Hotel De La Paix. The owner wanted an animal name that was close to “La Paix”. If this rabbitesque restaurant has a connection to peacefulness, the contrary can be said about a very specific rabbit-influenced cabaret in Paris. This is something I hinted to when posting about the Rabbit Park in Seoul.
So, be sure to follow us down this rabbit hole in the next post, as we will address a most agile dancing rabbit.

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