The Rabbit Bulletin: LineFriends

In Taiwan, most people use a Japanese instant messing app called Line. Like many other similar services, you can chat with friends using text, video and audio, as well as conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences. Additionally Line is also a platform providing various services including a digital wallet, news, video on demand, and digital comics.
All of these technical features are, of course, dwarfed by the fact that Line has a Rabbit mascot called Cony. Cony is part of LineFriends, a group of characters that were at first just meant to be funny stickers that you could add when you are chatting, but grew quickly in popularity so that they received story-adaptions in two separate anime tv-series from Japan.

In LineOffline, the story revolves around a number of office workers at Line, a phone company where Cony is a bad-tempered rabbit that wants to loose weight. In her ill tempered manner, she punches her co-workers, particularly often the alien character Moon. However she is very kind and gentle to her husband Brown who is a bear.

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