The Rabbit Bulletin: MichaelSowa

Here in Taiwan, there is a great bookstore chain called Eslite. The stores are very sophisticated and they all have a debonair feel to them.

When looking through their greeting card selection, I saw cards from one of my favorite artists: Michael Sowa.
Sowa is a german artist who mainly paints variously whimsical, surreal motifs with animals. Among many of his paintings you will see…a lot of rabbits . One of my favorite books: Esterhazy, The Rabbit Prince by Irene Dische and Hans M. Enzensberger was actually illustrated by Sowa.

In the abovementioned book, the reader gets to meet Esterhazy, an Austrian rabbit prince who travels to Berlin to find a wife. It is an extraordinary story that takes place around the fall of the Berlin wall. I recommend checking it out, and, of course, the rest of Sowa’s work.

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