The Rabbit Bulletin: MoonFestival

Today I’m off from work because of Moon Cake festival here in Taiwan.
The moon festival celebrates the full moon that can be seen on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

During the celebration, people spend time with friends and family and eat so called moon cakes.
Most of the festival’s customs are related to the moon and….here come’s the kicker, the Jade Rabbit.

The Jade Rabbit (or Moon Rabbit) has its own intriguing story so I will do a separate post about it. As for this post, let’s just briefly go through how the rabbit is celebrated during this festival.

The evening before the Moon Festival, friends and family gather together to eat cakes, drink tea, drink wine. On the day of the moon festival, offerings are made to the moon by placing them on a Celebration table, that is decorated with, you’ve guessed it, a clay figure of the Jade Rabbit.

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