The Rabbit Bulletin: PeterRabbitMovie

Earlier this year, a new reimagined adaptation of Peter Rabbit went up on the silver screen. When I first saw the trailers for it, I was quite worried that Columbia Pictures under the helm of writer and director Will Gluck would destroy the legacy of the delicate and and finely tuned stories of Beatrix Potter.
Fortunately enough, my worries were unfounded. Sure, the movie is not as elegant as the early 20th century source material, but you couldn’t really do that type of movie today I think, at least not for general movie going audiences.
I think the movie pays fair enough tribute to the traditional story of Peter Rabbit and captures the essence of his character, namely the fact that he’s a curious and somewhat imprudent young rabbit that gets into trouble.

The new story is continuation of the original Peter Rabbit story, and I must say it did have heart. It is humorous and and showed rabbits in the way I like them to be portrayed, as curious and fearless.
Since Peter Rabbit is the most famous fictional rabbit there is, with the possible exception of Bugs Bunny, I will discuss the classical Peter Rabbit in another post later.

In any case, check out the Peter Rabbit movie if you can. Even though it looks cute, it is not only a children’s movie, it is equally much enjoyable as an adult.

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