The Rabbit Bulletin: PhilipGlass

One of my favorite composers turned 80 on January 31. Philip Glass with his minimalistic hypnotic music is one of the most influential music makers alive today. Check out this Spotify playlist if you want to listen to his music:

I wanted to highlight this occasion, but in doing so I also needed a connection to rabbits. So where is the rabbit angle this time around?
Well, I found out that the very imaginative illustrator Graham Percy had painted Philip Glass tripping in a rabbit hole.
New Zealand-born Graham Percy’s triptych is called: “Philip Glass trips in a rabbit hole at Crear”. It is a black and white sequence of the composer’s misstep into a rabbit hole in western Scotland.
If you swing by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, you can see the artwork for yourself.

Also worth mentioning is that Graham Percy also illustrated the children’s book “The velveteen rabbit”

Copyright Graham Percy

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