The Rabbit Bulletin: RabbitCard

Last weekend I met up with a friend in Bangkok, a city that is so congested with cars, mopeds and tuktuks everywhere so that you are better off taking the metro or skytrain. As in many other cities, Bangkok also uses plastic top-up smart cards that you can use to pay for the public transportation. Whereas the cards are called the Oyster card in London, and the Octopus card in Hongkong, Bangkok has ignored the aquatic animal theme, and has wisely enough chosen the name ”Rabbit Card” for their payment system.

Besides using it for public transportation, you can, of course, use it to pay in payment at convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, and vending machines.

Bonus trivia: the Thai word for rabbit is: กระต่าย (Krat̀āy)
#Krat̀āy #กระต่าย

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