The Rabbit Bulletin: RabbitCrossing

Three years ago my fiancée and myself went to a small picturesque town called Söderköping, which is located about 140 km south of Stockholm.
In Söderköping there is a fixed art installation in the form of several rabbits that are crossing a canal. The canal is called Göta Canal and it was an important route for waterway transportation in Sweden in the early 19th century.

The installation, which is called “Rabbit Crossing”, depicts several rabbits that jump in the water on one side and help each other to get up on the other side. It could easily be a scene from Richard Adam’s Watership Down.

All in all it is a remarkable piece of art that is part of larger set of installations called “Visions by the water”. Eva Fornåå is the artist and her story for making the bronze statues is very poetic (I’m paraphrasing): Whether you are a rabbit that needs to cross the canal, or you are a man that needs to go on the canal somewhere, you both need patience, courage, cooperation and compassion. We all some time need a helping hand from someone else. We have more in common with our rabbit friends than we think and we should therefore learn this lesson from the rabbits.

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