The Rabbit Bulletin: RabbitSurfer

At the Pier-2 art center in Kaohsiung, I saw this mural depicting different animals surfing. In the middle you can see a rabbit surfing. Very neat!

This led me to search online for connections between surfers and rabbits. To both my suprisement and amusement, I read that the one of the original innovators of modern surfing was named Albert “Rabbit” Kekai. The Honoluu-born American was a professional surfer during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. His skills as a surfer not only won him prestigious competitions, it also served beneficial in war efforts against Japan in WW2. ”Rabbit” worked on the Underwater Demolition Teams, that operated in the Pacific Theatre deploying depth charges to destroy Japanese ships.

Another ”Rabbit” surfer is the Australian professional surfer Wayne ”Rabbit” Bartholomew which is considered the 13th best surfer of all time according to Surfer Magazine.

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