The Rabbit Bulletin: TeamLabBorderless

Two weeks ago I visited a digital art museum in Tokyo, called TeamLab Borderless (@teamlab_borderless ). This cool museum is an experimental place created by an ultra-technologist art collective TeamLab. This collective consists of architects, engineers, programmers, CG animators, mathematicians, musicians, and they are presenting sophisticated art installations where you as a visitor can interact with the art.

Among numerous very cool art installations, one work called Walk, Walk, Walk: Search, Deviate, Reunite specifically caught my attention.
This enchanting piece of art showed a parade of animals parading alongside many of the museum corridors. In this hallucinogenic march we found, of course, some rabbits that walked, jumped and danced apace with frogs, lions and Buddhist priests (I think) etc.

All in all, very cool stuff, head over to the island of Obaida and see for yourself.

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