The Rabbit Bulletin: TerreniallaMaggia

Over the Ascension Day holiday, I decided to take small trip to Ascona and Locarno I southern Switzerland.

Here I visited @terreniallamaggia , an 90-year old agricultural estate which is growing all sorts of different produce including grapes.

The 150 hectares of integrated and ecological agriculture houses luxury resort and vineyard with wine tasting.
I made my way over there go see an art exhibition where they displayed a Monet and a Van Gogh from a private art collection, the B├╝hrle collection. The impressionist paintings were as beautiful as the scenery outside.

After enjoying the the guided tour of the paintings, I headed over to the winery and tried some wines. Much to my further satisfaction, this winery had also done their branding correctly. Two of their wines had labels with beautiful watercolor imagery of a running rabbit (or at least a hare).

These great white Merlots not only tested but I also bought two boxes for when one needs the sophistication of rabbit wine at home.

No wonder that Terreni alla Maggia has been appointed one of the 150 best Swiss wineries.

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