The Rabbit Bulletin: WatershipDown

For the longest time, I was thinking of writing a post about Watership Down, the rabbit Magnum opus written by British author Richard Adams.
When In 2016, I read that Watership Down was going to be adapted into a mini-series, I figured I would wait to post until I had seen it. It has now been released on Netflix, I encourage everyone to see it.

Similar to the 1978 animated film, this new CGI version follows the original 1972 novel quite well. The story revolves around a band of brave rabbits that search for a new home because one of the rabbits, Fiver, a so-called ”seer”, (a psychic rabbit), manages to convince his brother Hazel that their current home will soon be destroyed by humans.

Fiver and Hazel go on a perilous Homeric odyssey together with a number of other rabbits, like the guard rabbit Bigwig. On their journey which they encounter the mysterious rabbit Cowslip’s ”Soylent Green” dystopian warren and most importantly the totalitarian Rabbit state run by the main antagonist General Woundwort.

Richard Adams’ Watership Down does not only tell a suspenseful story, but it also establishes a very interesting rabbit mythology and language, similar to what Tolkien did for the Lord of the rings.

The rabbits depicted in Watership Down speak Lapine, and they follow a monotheistic religion, where ”Frith” is seen as the sole lord.
As of 2017, Watership Down has sold 50 million copies. This makes this rabbit tale one of the most read books of all time.

Just go and read it! And watch the Netflix miniseries!

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